Monday, February 13, 2017

Don't Forget To Ensure Your Space at the GNAC's Women in Sports Career Seminar

McKenzie Warren -- No. 14 in the World!


Sunday, February 12, 2017


I read this story last night, and was moved by it. I think if you read it, you'll likely be moved in the same way as me.

Initial Regional Hoop Rankings Come Out Wednesday

We're hitting crunch time as Selection Sunday nears.
The initial regional rankings for men's and women's hoops will be released on Wednesday (you can find the men's ranking here and the women's ranking here), and there are some interesting things going on in both genders.

On the men's side, we have actual (or virtual) first-place ties in all three conferences through games of Saturday, Feb. 11. On the women's side, it appears that the battle for the No. 1 seed and the all-important hosting rights will come down to Alaska Anchorage (unbeaten in 23 DII games, as its lone loss was to a Division I opponent) and Cal Baptist of the PacWest (25-2 overall).

Also noteworthy are the number of institutions currently in contention to earn the No. 1 seed in BOTH men's and women's hoops: Alaska Anchorage and Western Washington from the GNAC, Cal Baptist and Hawaii Pacific from the PacWest, and UC San Diego from the CCAA.

All three conferences will determine automatic qualifiers to the regionals via their respective postseason tournaments (six champions crowned Saturday, March 4). The five at-large teams in each gender will be based on the final regional rankings, which are determined by six-person committees in each gender (two reps from each conference). Trust me: a lot of data drilling goes on here, and it's never easy. Updated rankings are released each of the next three Wednesdays, but the last (and most important) ranking is unveiled in the form of the regional brackets announced on Selection Sunday (March 5).

As I outlined in a Twitter thread today, a number of teams from across the region are in contention for the No. 1 seed (and hosting rights) in both genders.

But as of 2014-15, NCAA policy prevents the same institution from hosting eight-team regionals in both genders (too many logistical issues when you consider 16 teams competing at a single site).

However, should the same institution earn the No. 1 seed in both men's and women's hoops, regardless of region, the options are this:

1. Split both regionals, with the top seed hosting four-team affiars for the men and women (and, presumably, the No. 2 seed in each gender hosting the other four teams), OR

2. Host a full eight-team regional in a single gender (with the No. 2 seed in the other gender likely hosting the other eight-team regional).

For now, here's a look at the top six teams (plus ties) in the GNAC, PacWest and CCAA through games of this past Saturday night.

GNAC Conf Overall
Alaska Anchorage 13-3 19-5
Western Washington 13-3 19-5
Western Oregon 10-6 13-11
Saint Martin's 8-8 14-10
Montana State Billings 8-8 13-11
Northwest Nazarene 8-8 11-11

Hawaii Pacific 14-2 22-2
Cal Baptist 14-2 22-2
Dixie State 13-3 16-6
Chaminade 12-6 16-9
Concordia-Irvine 10-6 14-10
Point Loma 9-7 13-10
UC San Diego 14-3 19-5
San Francisco State 13-3 20-3
Sonoma State 13-3 17-5
Chico State 11-5 18-6
Cal State San Marcos 10-6 16-8
Cal State Dom. Hills 8-8 12-10


GNAC Conf Overall
Alaska Anchorage 16-0 23-1
Western Washington 15-1 21-3
Simon Fraser 13-3 22-4
Seattle Pacific 9-7 17-7
Alaska   7-9 11-12
Concordia-Portland 7-9 10-14
Northwest Nazarene 7-9 9-13
Cal Baptist 16-0 25-2
Point Loma 14-2 20-3
Hawaii Pacific 14-2 17-4
Azusa Pacific 11-6 13-12
Notre Dame de Namur 10-6 12-11
Academy of Art 9-6 13-10
UC San Diego 14-3 18-5
Cal State East Bay 13-4 16-8
Cal Poly Pomona 11-5 13-9
Stanislaus State 11-5 13-12
Cal State S. Bernardino 10-6 13-7
Cal State LA 10-7 13-12

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Congratulations to McKenzie Warren of Concordia -- New NCAA D2 Record-Holder in the Indoor Shot!

Love Twitter ... and REALLY love tweets like the one below.

Already a two-time national DII athlete of the week the past month, McKenzie Warren has been threatening the DII indoor shot put record this indoor season. Today, she eclipsed it. What a tremendous accomplishment ... and hearty congratulations to her and the entire Concordia program.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

West Region Hoop Standings 10 Days Before the First Regional Ranking

NCAA regional ranking committees for men's and women's basketball convene via conference call this week for the first time during the 2016-17 season in advance of the initial rankings which are due to be released Feb. 15.

Here's a look at the top six teams (plus ties) in each of the three West Region conferences -- the GNAC, PacWest and CCAA -- through Saturday, Feb. 4. 

GNAC Conf Overall
Western Washington 11-3 17-5
Alaska Anchorage 11-3 17-5
Western Oregon 10-4 13-9
Montana State Billings 8-6 13-9
Northwest Nazarene 8-6 11-9
Central Washington 7-7 12-8
Hawaii Pacific 13-1 21-1
Cal Baptist 13-2 21-2
Dixie State 13-2 16-5
Chaminade 11-6 15-9
Concordia-Irvine 9-5 13-9
Point Loma 9-6 13-9
UC San Diego 12-3 17-5
San Francisco State 11-3 18-3
Sonoma State 11-3 15-5
Chico State 11-4 18-5
Cal State San Marcos 8-6 14-8
Cal State San Bernardino 7-7 11-8
Cal State Dominguez Hills 7-7 11-9


GNAC Conf Overall
Alaska Anchorage 14-0 21-1
Western Washington 13-1 19-3
Simon Fraser 11-3 20-4
Seattle Pacific 9-5 17-5
Alaska   7-7 11-10
Northwest Nazarene 6-8 8-12
Cal Baptist 15-0 24-2
Point Loma 13-2 19-3
Hawaii Pacific 11-2 14-4
Azusa Pacific 10-4 12-10
Academy of Art 8-5 12-9
Notre Dame de Namur 8-6 10-11
UC San Diego 13-2 17-4
Cal State East Bay 11-4 14-8
Cal Poly Pomona 10-5 12-9
Stanislaus State 10-5 12-12
Cal State San Bernardino 9-5 12-6
Chico State 9-6 14-7

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Characteristics of NCAA D2 Institutions (And Their Student-Athletes)

Very interesting read on what NCAA Division II institutions (and their student-athletes) look like. Recommend this for any student-athlete (and parents) considering college athletics.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

NCAA Men's Hoops Officiating Review No. 6

J.D. Collins, NCAA national coordinator of men's basketball officials, clarifies and provides examples of rules points of emphasis, focusing specifically on team control fouls.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NCAA Concussion Study Update ... Plus Safety Measures Being Undertaken At Youth Football Level

A while back we told you in this space about the most comprehensive concussion study ever undertaken -- one announced in May 2014 and launched by the NCAA and the Department of Defense.

Today, in a tweet from the NCAA, preliminary findings from this study were announced via a story on the NCAA web site.

Click on the links below to find out more.
(In a related story, in today's New York Times, comes this revelation from the leaders of youth football on some significant safety-related steps it is taking to address declining participation in the sport).

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Simon Fraser's Jordan Herdman Making NFL Scouts Take Notice

Nice story from the Vancouver Province on GNAC all-everything Jordan Herdman of Simon Fraser (link below), who evidently made the most of his invitation to the Senior Bowl. Could an NFL future be in the offing?